Best Advises To Clean Your Boxing Gear

Boxing equipment is the fighting tool you need to deploy in a fight to successfully launch your developed tricks and strategies. Taking good care of your boxing kit is essential to protect it. Otherwise, you would not only lose the money you spend on it but those myriad hours of hard training as well. The great fighters were successful not only because of their expertise in their techniques but also due to some background acts performed behind the scene. Cleaning and protecting your boxing equipment is one of them. To prevent wasting your boxing kit because of your carelessness, follow this simple guide to help you clean your equipment.

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Cleaning the hand wrap

Hand wrap is worn under the boxing glove to protect your hands, it also assists in absorbing the sweat produced on the skin of the hand. After a gym, your hand wraps would be damp and you cannot let them stay like this in your bag as it will cause an unpleasant smell. You would not be able to use damp hand wraps from the previous day to start training. So, the necessary step in taking good care of your hand wraps is to dry them first then place them in your bag or closet. In this way, you can easily avoid the bad odor and formation of a fungal mold. After using hand wraps for several days, you need to thoroughly wash them by putting them in a washing machine.

How to do it?

• Here are some tips to obtain the best outcome from the washing process of hand wrap.

• Take a net bag or a cloth case and put your hand wraps in it to avoid tangling during washing.

• Wash the hand wraps separately, as they might lose color.

• Do not use a machine dryer rather hang them up. Although wraps are safe to put in the dryer, most fighters think drying by hanging would keep the hand wraps intact for a longer time.

Cleaning your gloves

Boxing gloves should be considered a major investment, if you treat your boxing gloves with care, they will reward you back in the long run. Boxers are over-conscious when buying their boxing gloves because they are costly and they will be your consistent partner throughout your boxing journey. Cleaning your gloves prevents microbial growth, injury and increases their shelf-life. Always clean your gloves right after each exercise by using a clean cloth and antiseptic solution. Wipe off the inside and outside of the gloves. Your target is to wipe off the microbes responsible for the production of unpleasant smells. Your gloves need to be dried quickly soon after the training. You can place them under a fan to speed up the drying process. Placing dryer sheets into them will also do your job. To get rid of the bad smell you can place some cedar sticks in each sock and tie the socks at the end. Place them in each glove.

Cleaning your Headgear and Groin Protectors

Headgear and groin protectors are important boxing equipment to protect sensitive areas of your body. Use antiseptic spray or wipes to clean your headgear and groin protector. Let them air dry after each training session.

Cleaning your Shoes

Boxing shoes are differently designed especially for martial arts sports, so they cannot be treated like other casual shoes. Avoid wearing your boxing shoes outside and use them only when you are training or in the ring to increase their shelf-life. Training sessions are intense, so it is apparent that loads of sweat would have been collected inside your shoes which is a good sign that you are working hard. But what is bad is not airing the shoes properly after a workout. The insoles of the shoes absorb a lot of sweat that creates a favorable environment for the growth of microbes resulting in a foul smell. So, clean your pair by applying a mild soap, baking soda, or vinegar with water and scrubbing it. Rinse with water afterward and let dry.

How to dry your shoes?

• Keep your sports shoes in an environment with mild heat and low humidity.

• If you need to dry them quickly then use a fan.

• You can also opt for placing a newspaper or towel inside the shoes for the purpose of drying. Change the newspaper or cloth after it has become damp.

• Do not put your shoes in a machine dryer.

• Avoid high temperature because high heat weakens the adhesives in the shoes.

Washing your Mouthguard

You need to take special care of your mouthguard, wash it prior to and after each training session. It is recommended to soak the mouthguard for a night in clean water mixed with mouth wash. Always keep your mouthguard placed in its case when not in use.

How to do it?

• Use cool water to rinse the mouthguard

• Take a clean glass and add a capful of mouthwash.

• Increase the volume by adding enough water so that the mouthguard is completely covered in the solution.

• Soak for 30 minutes or overnight.

• When you want to use it remove it and wash it with cool water.

• Let it dry before use.

Taking care of jump rope

Jump rope is a daily training tool in the gym. The major reason behind damaged ropes is improper storage. Individuals throw away their jump ropes like casual items into their sports bag and when they next pull them off, kinks and bends have formed. Take off your jump rope from the gym bag as soon as you reach home to avoid tangling. Use a hook or a hanger to place the rope on it and attach a weight to both ends to avoid tangling issues. Use the jump rope to correct the ground surface to make its shelf-life more.

Keynote: The way you take care of your boxing kit before, during, and after training will directly affect how long your equipment lasts, regardless of its strength and build quality. So, cleaning them inside out and protecting them ease your boxing journey.

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