Coaching Equipment

Coaching Equipment

Training Pads for kicking and punching

Our Training Pads are perfect for kicking and punching. Browse all our Kick and Punch pads, sometimes referred to as Coaching Equipment, which are used training with a coach and/or sparring partner. A Kick Pad can be used for multiple sports and purposes including Boxing, MMA and Kickboxing. As a trainer, we know you want the best boxing trainer equipment when you work with your fighters. Our selection features everything from body shields to classic striking mitts. Few pieces of training equipment benefit a boxer like a good pair of focus mitts. Other pieces of boxing coaching equipment in our inventory focus on strength and conditioning.

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Looking for variations with classic leather?

Kick pads and punch mitts are becoming increasingly more in demand because of the rising popularity of Boxing, MMA, and Kickboxing. Pads and Mitts are suitable for speed, strength and coordination training. Kick Pads, Muay Thai pads and Punch Pads are an effective training method and offer more variety and possibilities during workouts. If you prefer vintage style equipment, we also have variations in with classic leather colours and Velcro fastening. There are many different styles of coaches in boxing, which is why we have put together an amazing selection of pads, body protectors, gym timers, corner man accessories, plus many more great coaching aids. we carry a full range of coaching equipment to maximize your training capabilities and improve your fighters’ performances. With our wide range of high-quality punch mitts, shields, body protectors, corner accessories and training media, we have everything you need to ensure that your athletes succeed in the ring.


There are several types of Kick pads and Punch pads.

There are several types of Kick pads and Punch pads. Boxing Pads are the most used pads for the Boxing and MMA training. With these punching pads it’s easy to train speed and agility. The most advanced boxing pad in our collection can be recognized by its 'Elite' name and status. This boxing pad is designed with a special roundness and extra padding at the wrist. Focus Pads are the best boxing mitts for perfectly timed punches. Kickboxing pads or shields are used with the assistance of another person. The kickboxing shield belongs to the different types of kickboxing pads. It is almost similar to the standard Muay Thai pad, except for its unique curved shape. The curve provides added mobility and is better suited for different kinds of attacks and offensive techniques.


An extra layer of protection during your training

There are two types of kick pads, the bent kick boxing pad and straight Muay Thai pads which are made for kick training. The bent kicking shields remains stable and can take a beating. The flat variant provides better protection for the body and from kicks, knees and punches. Our Kick pads are suitable for both amateur and professional boxers. If you need more protection during your boxing workouts be sure to browser our category ‘Protective Gear’ which can provide a extra layer of protection during your training with our (Kick) Boxing Coaching Equipment. Competition rules may restrict the type and amount of material used, giving each fighter a limited amount of gauze and tape which may be divided and rolled in various ways for a particular fighter or match.