Boxing Bags

Boxing Bags

Complete your Boxing Bag training at home

Complete your Boxing, MMA or Kickboxing training at home or in the Gym with our Boxing Bags and Speed Balls. Find the perfect punching bag, ranging from 10+ KG to 100+ KG or select one of our special punching bag types for a more specialized training. Depending on the level of your training and your punching power you will need a certain type and weight punching bag. Speed balls allow a new type of speed, endurance and agility training. Our speed balls are highly durable and allow continuous training just like any other punch bag. Whether you are training for competition or want to take your fitness training up a level, a punching bag is the cornerstone of any boxing regime.

What is the best punching bag for you?

Should you consider a normal Punch Bag or a heavy bag? We offer many types of punching bags and heavy bags, so it might be tricky to find the most suitable punching bag or heavy bag for you. The most important things to keep in mind when selecting the best punching bag for yourself are your weight, height, punching power, and if kicking is part of your training. More KG means a tougher bag. Height and Kicking means a tall bag might be necessary. Finally, Leather punching bags are more expensive but last longer. And don’t worry, all our bags are easy to mount.

Free Standing Punching Bags.

A free standing punching bag is basically a heavy bag and used when there is not enough space or no way to mount them to your ceiling or wall. These Punch Bags provide excellent training possibilities for you’re a variety of Punches and Kicks. If you prefer training without a partner, they are one of the best punching bag options. Standing punching bags, leather punching bags and heavy bags allow you to train technique, speed and coordination. If you need more precise training equipment, browse our kick pads and punching mitts and our Speed Balls. Our Punching Bags are designed for both amateur and professional fighters. Some are cool in black, other have the classic brown vintage boxing bag look, similar to our vintage Coaching Equipment line.

Speed Balls and/or Speed Bags

A Leather Speed Ball is a great and compact training buddy for home use or in the gym. If you are looking to buy a boxing ball, we provide top-class and durable Boxing Speed Balls for everyday use. All professional boxers train with a punch ball or a Speed Bag. We offer different types of boxing balls, the Speed Bag and vintage Speed Bag can be made of synthetic leather or genuine leather. Workouts with a Speed Bag feel great and complement traditional sparring and boxing bag training. Our Speed Balls are made of firm and flexible materials and many can be easily inflated, deflated, and stored for your convenience. A good quality punch ball allows for a world class training, and we offer only the best punch balls the world has to offer. Whether you are looking to buy a Freestanding bag, punching bags, speed balls or and boxing gloves. We offer the best selection online and great value for money.

Special types of Boxing Bags and Boxing Dolls

If you are looking for a life-size boxing doll to use a sparring partner, carry a detached Sparring Partner which is adjustable height a great way to practice focused punches and kicks. Displayed in our online store based on availability. Not only do we carry a lot of different kinds of boxing gloves, punch mitts, kick pad, Muay Thai pads we are the number one resource if you are looking to buy boxing bags, Free standing bags, speed balls, or any other type of special punch bag online.