Protective Gear

Protective Gear

Specially designed Boxing Protective Gear

During a Boxing Match or while training, it is easy to get overwhelmed by a combination of punches. To shield yourself from damage and injury, we recommend you utilize specially designed Boxing Protective Gear. Protect and shield yourself with our Training Vests, Boxing Headgear and a Mouth guard. Depending on your type of training, shield your shins with shin guards from the impact of powerful kicks. Groin protection might be important too. Our range of protective gear will give you superior protection and more confidence when you spar. Protective gear includes layers of trademarked materials that ensure blows are absorbed and the impact minimized.

  1. Everlast Elite Rtl Headgear
    As low as €87.95
  2. Everlast Elite Muay Thai Shingua
    As low as €195.95
  3. Everlast 1910 Headgear
    As low as €175.95
  4. Everlast Mma Shinguards
    As low as €58.95
  5. Everlast Lightweight Sparring Protector
    As low as €73.96
  6. Everlast 1910 Headgear
    As low as €166.96

Safety is important when participating in any contact sport

Safety is important when participating in any contact sport and martial arts is no exception. Having the right protective gear can be the difference between sparring for years to come and having an injury take you out early. Accidents happen, but a little preparation and the right safety equipment can help keep injuries to a minimum. The gloves must be comfortable but at the same time the material has to be durable and flexible. Look for gloves that are solidly built so you don’t get injured during training. The grip is superb and allows you to punch better than most. These aren’t the thickest gloves and that’s a good thing in this case. The combination of comfort, power and versatility are excellent. We carry a wide variety of products to meet all your needs from fight protection, mixed martial arts training equipment to custom apparel and gloves (check out our design lab). The gloves have infused shock dispersion sheet which serves as protection for shock impact.

MMA Protective Gear, landing your punches safely

One of the most important portions to be protected while boxing is your head. Gloves are an important piece of protection that you must wear when practicing MMA.  A miss-timed punch that ends up directed to your head may lead to fatal injuries including a concussion. Headgears constitute for a major division of Boxing Protective Gear. The most basic MMA Protective Gear is the double mouth guard that acts as a protective shield for your teeth and gums. This shield allows easy passage of air which allows the fighter to exhale out of his mouth easily which helps him to keep going and not tiring up soon. This means you can use the best quality protective equipment available. Our selection of protective gear provides complete peace of mind at every level of training and performance. No matter where you are on your training journey, martial arts protective equipment will help you reach your goals safely. If you want to stay in the game good quality martial arts protective gear that fits well is critical. Whether you need a full set of martial arts body armour or a few pieces to round out your kit.

When fighting, it's important to make sure you wear the best head guard.

Headgear is one of the most important pieces of safety gear a fighter will purchase. MMA Headgear is an unquestionable requirement for your MMA training. When fighting, it's important to make sure you wear the best headguard, so you don't get any head injuries. Good MMA headgear can reduce the force delivered to the brain significantly, not all fighters are convinced it reduces concussions. There is little debate that headgear greatly reduces the number of superficial cuts and bruises to the face that can quickly ruin a match or pre-bout training. The martial arts protective gear we carry has evolved over the years to give better support withstand more pressure and last longer. As a result, fighters can concentrate on their game without worrying about injuries. With our sparring gear, you can perform to your best with confidence while wearing the latest, fashion conscious designs.

One of the most important pieces of protective equipment

The Mouth Guard is another significant piece of MMA training gear that will protect you from any sort of damage to your face, particularly jaws and teeth. It forestalls wounds by keeping jaws secured in a legitimate position. Without a proper fitting mouth guard, things like missing teeth, jaw injuries, and even head trauma are more likely to happen, which is why wearing a mouth guard for MAMA is always recommended. I always recommend fighters to wear a mouth guard when sparring or rolling in Jiu Jitsu. Remember, all it takes is one small punch to knock a tooth out, one accidental knee while rolling to insure a dentist visit. Whether you train in MMA, Muay Thai, boxing or any other combat sport, a mouth guard is one of the most vital pieces of safety equipment that you can own. As such, it’s incredibly important that you purchase a high-quality mouth guard that will offer you a substantial amount of protection.