Protection & Mobility is the main goal of our shoes in the ring
The sole may be thin, but the outsole gives the perfect amount of protection. Is it important to choose the right shoes? Grasp the surface of the ring thanks to the slim sole of the boxing shoes. The less distance there is between your feet and the floor, the more natural your footwork becomes. It will improve your balance and benefit your coordination and control. The reinforced heel and lateral areas of the shoes are designed to seamlessly absorb shocks. Perfect for all types of training, Lifting, Jujitsu, Taekwondo, Boxing, Wrestling, Power lifting, and Cross Fit. Our boxing shoes assure you quality and protection and keep you Injury free so you can focus on your training and continue to grow as a Boxer.
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Looking for the best Men boxing footwear?

We build all our Men boxing shoes with high-quality nylon mesh material that’s lightweight and breathable, making certain your feet keep dry, and cool throughout the match or coaching. We equip all our boxing shoes with a grooved or non-slip rubber sole, creating it easier for you to keep up your footing and balance as you move round the ring.

Train for your big fight with the advantage of lightweight design, raised heels for comfort, mesh materials for breath-ability. Available in a range of sizes from junior to senior. Our Men boxing shoes are rooted in the heritage of breaking barriers and pushing boundaries in the pursuit of excellence. These high-top boxing shoes for men unleash every ounce of your potential to keep you jabbing at your best.

How is important to choose the right shoes for boxing?

It’s important to choose the right shoes to wear during your duel match or workouts because if you don’t run the risk of potentially dangerous wounds to your foots. Our new collection of best men boxing footwear permits you to manoeuvre within the ring with a lot of speed and power. Real, well-fitted shoes build a plain distinction in performance.

Main features of Men boxing shoes

Superior Comfort

Our shoes provide bounce back and decreases midsole breakdown, even with heavy use. These boxing shoes deliver agile performance with a breathable mesh upper and a low-profile cushioned midsole.

Durable Upper

Quality materials keep you safe and supported while walking downhill. A reinforced heel offers stability and support while the gum rubber outsole gives you the entire grip you need.

Trial Specific Outsole

Our shoes provide uphill and downhill traction on all types of terrain. Simply inspect a fledgling boxer in regular athletic shoes versus correct ring shoes.

Do you want the difference in your performance in the ring?

Our shoes will make a huge difference to your performance in the ring. Boxing shoes are often an underestimated part of the boxing game. Comfort, stability, mobility, and power everything about the way you box will change. Put on the right boxing shoes and you'll be lighter. You'll move faster. You'll hit harder. You'll be able to feel the distinction; however, it’s best if you decide a shoe supported the standards you would like to perform within the sport.

Everyone want Stability & Comfort feel during boxing

Its flexibility provides comfort for a larger foot as well as small. These men boxing shoes have passed every stress and motion test in our lab and in our ring. Our Boxing shoes have an incurved design on the front part of the outsole. This pro-filed shape allows you to throw yourself forward more easily.

Well Balanced Grip in the ring

You know that the balanced and grip is very important in ring. These shoes offer a unique balance between grip and pivot. The grip will allow you to move like never before, improving your footwork and close range game. It will enhance the power transferred from your fulcrum to your fist. You'll be more explosive and rooted on the ground. But boxing is moving: you'll need to slide, rotate, turn and dodge. Our shoes will help you move freely around the ring and your opponents.