MMA Fighters or Boxer, Who Gives a Harder Punch?

Boxing and MMA both have emerged as popular combat sports known for violence and intense attacks. MMA constitutes a number of martial arts techniques that are used in different combinations in a fight. It involves multiple tactics like attacking, hand-to-hand struggling, holding, and wrestling to control your opponent. Boxing involves two fighters in a ring, aimed to knock each other out with their punches.

Here a question arises that whether a professional boxer punches more furiously and harder than a MMA fighter, and what are the main differences in their punching techniques. Following are some noticeable points regarding this question.

Differences In Punching Strategies Of Boxing and MMA

The Output Of Striking Punch Force In Terms Of Capacity

Comparing the capacity of the force to produce an output is nearly equal in both the fighters or 10% more in boxers.

Reason: As the athletic built of a boxer and a MMA fighter both are the same. The difference arises in technical training and practicing. Moreover, players having an instinct of a boxer bears better punch force capacity and tend to go towards boxing.


Output Of Actual Punch Force

The intensity of the actual punching force of a boxer is 10-35% times more than that of a MMA fighter.

Reason: This increased capacity of the force is due to the better tactics and muscle strength built by extensive experience and practice. Comparing the punches on a punching bag would show the same capacity of boxers and MMA, with a slight and clear fringe in a boxer. Boxers are more potent which creates a difference in the match timings of a boxer and an MMA in a ring.


Output Of Actual Destructive Power Of The Punch

In sense of actual damage implicated on the opponent, boxers are 25-100% more efficient than that of a MMA fighter.

Reason: The secret to this destructive force in boxers is because of timing and angles of attack. A destructive punch does not only require immense force but also a technique and exact time to launch it. Boxers are experts in launching attacks at the appropriate time. The appropriate time to launch it is when the enemy is building a boost in his attack and is in the most vulnerable position. When the opponent is moving his chin in his attack, a blow at this moment would mark an intense impact and damage.


Punching Angles

For the two or three main punching angles in boxing, boxers are 10–25% better than MMA fighters are. For the other remaining 15-20 punch angles, boxers are far better than MMA fighters.

Reason: MMA does not specifically focus on punches only, where boxing is all about the punches. So, boxers are trained for multiple punches to the expert level which MMA lacks. The boxers know implementing punches at various angles best.

Difference In Focus

MMA is a diverse sport with multiple fighting techniques involved, such as wrestling, kicking, taking down, clinching, grappling, and choking. While in boxing, the only focus is punching and jabbing. So, boxers are targeted to learn and master all forms of punches and punching strategies

Difference In Fighting Style

The approach of MMA is beyond landing punches and jabbing. It acquires several types of fighting techniques from simple fist attacks to kicks. A wide range of fighting genres is allowed in MMA, compared to boxing where the use of arms and hands is important. Boxing makes use of punches as the primary weapon. Use of leg for kicks or wrestling as in MMA is not permitted. Also, boxers are not permitted to punch below the waist. Grappling and slapping the opponent is not included in boxing sport. In contrast, MMA fighters use any kind of punches, grappling, throwing slaps, choking, joint locks, knee kicks, and takedowns. This rule-set allows the boxer to position his body to intensify the result of a punch, as a boxer is not conscious of takedown or other tactics. In MMA, fighters need to be conscious of other attacks besides punches.

Difference In Training

As the battle styles in both sports are different, so is the training. Boxing is aimed at punches and use their hands more frequent for the punches. Boxers are not involved in takedowns and using their legs for kicking their opponent. Therefore, the punching ability is better in boxers.

Difference In The Equipment

The main and highlighted difference in equipment of an MMA and boxer is the glove. In MMA, the gloves are smaller, flexible, and weighs lighter, thus the force impact is less. MMA gloves weigh 0.1 kg with room for exposed fingers. Exposing fingers allows a MMA fighter to choke, strike and takedown their opponent. Gloves that boxers use are much heavier and weigh 0.3-0.5 kg. There is no room for exposed fingers and have thick padding designed to protect the fist from heavy blows. Boxers use heavy gloves to hit harder with padding which imparts a strong force.

Example Of A Fight Between A Boxer And A MMA Fighter

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather both are masters of their combat sport. Former expert of MMA and later a boxing superstar. Conor carried great power in his punches and knocked down almost everyone. While Mayweather out weighted Conor by 15 pounds and had some hand injury due to which he could not hit harder. When both came face to face in a battle Conor could not see Mayweather eye to eye due to his tricky punches. The battle went on for nine rounds and in the 10th round Mayweather knocked Conor to the ground because he dropping his guard. Therefore, MMA fighters usually don’t stand a chance against boxers who spent all of their training to perfect their punches.

Keynote: MMA and boxing are two different sports; a MMA fighter has to practice a variety of disciplines to master MMA. While the prime focus of boxers is knocking down the opponent with their punches. That is why boxing involves a lot more practice of punch timing and angles which an MMA fighter lacks.

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