Follow These Simple Rules To Lose Weight Fast

The sedentary lifestyle in today’s era is common and a majority of the people are suffering from obesity or excessive weight. An obese body is not acceptable to any individual and most such people want to reduce their weight and tone up their bodies. That is why the need for the quickest and effective weight loss tips is in high demand. The major key to losing weight is checking up on your meal intake. Every individual has a different metabolism and a different diet works for every individual. It is up to you to figure out the best diet plan that matches your body requirement in the weight loss journey. The key to choosing any kind of diet is that it must be a caloric deficit, which means your energy utilization per day should be greater than the number of calories you consume through daily meals. A few necessary lifestyle changes are discussed here, that would help in effectively dropping extra weight.

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• Plenty of water intake before meals

Keeping your body hydrated during, before, and after exercise is necessary. Drinking water before eating your food is to fill your stomach. The stomach is quite elastic and can contain a significantly large quantity of food, which makes you eat more than your body needs. Drinking plenty of water 15 minutes prior to having your meal would occupy a large space of your empty stomach and you would feel full faster, preventing you from overeating. Moreover, water reduces tension, anxiety, and convulsive headaches minimizes the incidence of swelling, and freshens your skin. There is a number of benefits for the body by drinking an ample amount of water.

• Avoiding carbs intake late in the evening

Intake of excessive carbohydrates especially in the form of rice is a major reason for being overweight. Carbs should be avoided throughout the day and especially late in the evening or at night. You should stop taking any form of carbohydrate after six in the evening. If you are taking carbs, always prefer them for the morning. At the beginning of your day, your body should get enough amount of calories for proper functioning throughout the day. During the day your physical activities utilize the energy from the carbs while at night your body is in a state of rest, and it does not need energy from carbs.

• Reduce your portion size

It is one of the ways to avoid overeating. Go for small portion size, instead of a standard size that would make you eat fewer calories. Smaller portion assists you in keeping your meal calorie deficit thus help you in dropping weight. Eating slowly would also help you in consuming less. The stomach sends signals to the brain that it’s full after 20 minutes of food consumption. So, if you have a habit of eating your food quickly you need to change it in order to eat less and reduce weight.

• Cook for yourself

Preparing your meals helps to check the quantity and constituents of the meal that you intake. Cooking at home is also economical than buying ready-made food. Restaurant food contains an excessive amount of hidden calories compared to the alternatives you prepare at home. Frozen food and fast food both contain a high proportion of sodium that enhances water retention and causes bloating. Cooking for yourself helps you know the type of calories you are feeding your body, which allows you to adjust your macros in meal portions. Moreover, you can control the amount of salt and MSG, in home-cooked food.

• Do not go for liquids

Liquid calories contribute to the total intake of calories as much as the solid calories. Cold drinks, energy drinks, beverages, and milk tea are to be eliminated completely while consuming fruit juices must be avoided. It is recommended to eat the whole fruit for its fiber content. Go for electrolyte drinks only for particular situations like in rigorous exercise you are prone to losing electrolytes due to excessive sweat. Do not add unnecessary calories to your diet. You can consume such sports drinks in extensive jogging, high-intensity workout, or training that lasts for hours.

• Increasing consumption of green vegetables

Green vegetables are an essential source of vitamins and minerals. These can be utilized in high amounts as they contain very low calories. They are available in various textures, flavors, and are high in fiber. The plant fibers are indigestible by the human stomach, which means they do not contribute to caloric intake. Vegetables with high fiber content are a great choice for snacks, and for individuals who constantly need to eat something. Consumption of vegetables has an amazing effect on weight loss along with a healthier and stronger body.

• Reducing the intake of salt

Excessive salt is responsible for more water retention in the body. Food that contains a high concentration of salts causes the body to retain water molecules causing an increase in weight. Although it is difficult to cut down salt, you would feel your food completely tasteless in the beginning but bear with it. You can cope by not completely cutting off the salt rather reducing it. Your taste buds would eventually get calibrated at low salt and you would find your food in good taste.

• Quality sleep

Quality and quantity of sleep both contribute to weight reduction. Lack of sleep or keeping awake till late at night creates midnight cravings that are a cause of additional calorie intake leading to increased body mass. Moreover biologically, sleep deprivation cause weight gain due to reduced production of the hormone leptin. Leptin is responsible to send signals to the brain to tell it to stop eating. At least six to eight hours of sleep is necessary to keep you physically and mentally active. Proper sleep helps you in improving your performance at trainings and exercise as well as at work.

Keynote: Obesity is on the rise but the weight loss journey is not complicated if one goes through proper eating and lifestyle habits. Adopting sustainable and realistic approaches is the key is losing extra kgs efficiently.

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