Best Ways To Overcome Your Fear of Getting Punched

While boxing, many people fear getting punched, especially in their initial days. Overcoming fear is the only way you can progress in your game. Punching is necessary while boxing and the participants need to get rid of the same to perform better.

Everybody is afraid of punches, and if we dig in deep, then we will know the reason for the same as well. They are:

People are afraid of punches because they hurt badly.


At times you do not know that punches are coming for you.

The punching will hurt you. The intensity can differ, but the result most of the time will be hurtful. You can be prepared if you can see the punch, but if you are not able to, then your situation can make you panic and lose confidence in your performance.

Few tips to help you in overcoming the fear of punching

Partner Drills

Getting a hands-on experience on live training before you go for sparring can help you in overcoming your fear. These live drill sessions will allow you to be comfortable while playing with defense, throwing combinations, and getting hit during the same. The skills are essential to master, and your experience with them can help you with them in actual sparring and with a much better performance.

Choose a Similar Level Partner

Do not choose a partner that can be harder on you. Never fight with an opponent who is better in speed and strength and owes much experience than you. To be able to get acquainted with the punching, you should know that with intensive practice and time, your body will be able to hold harder punches without any feeling of pain. The natural instantaneous reflexes being developed with the time will help you in developing quick response action for your opponent.

Slow Sparring

In our detailed research, we have found that the beginners cannot visualize punches in their heads. Slow sparring helps them in gearing up the visual cues and various details related to the opponent's writer's movements. While imagining the movement bit by bit, your body will become comfortable, and you can imagine the punches and can respond on time. Slow sparring ensures that beginners get a proper chance to flow and think properly. As with the players, get some time to have a check on their movements and patterns to restore their memory and for a reflex action plan.

Being a beginner, you are always advised to go a bit slower as compared to others. If you choose your partner who is much more experienced or harder than you, then chances are higher for you, it can take a toll on you. It can get you the worst results, financially, physically, and emotionally.

With your mind being concentrated on your game, you can make up your mind for getting hit, and this is the reason when you can overcome your fear of getting punched harder by your opponent. Practicing different kinds of drills can also help you to conquer your fear of getting punches and can start sparring. Getting the necessary know-how of punches is important before sparring. Try practicing the tips mentioned above and start sparring.