10 Things You Can Do On your Rest Days

What To Do On Your Rest Days

It seems that boxing is all about continuous hard work and strenuous training periods, and hoping for a relaxing day is not an option. The best boxers seem to put all their days in training without rest days, but they cease their training and get relaxed. Otherwise, the fighter loses the stamina and endurance to last long in the fight, getting stronger is only possible by giving a rest to your body from continuous training and workouts. One may perform better after a short period of rest.

While at the gym, a fighter aims to do sets and reps, more and more. He is inclined to achieve in a single day by putting his maximum power and effort into it. It is the thought and compulsive attitude ‘to never stop’. This behavior will wear you out and may cause injury, in an effort to over-train you will be exhausted. Some fighters could not find fun in an easy day thus enjoy strenuous training.

Importance Of Easy Day At The Gym

Many boxers are purposed to train 24/7 to give them an edge over the fight. But this is not the case to successfully survive and win a fight. During a workout, mental and physical power is utilized which drains your energy, allowing the body systems to rest enables you to refuel and energize thus performing better in the near future. Easy days compensate for the deficits that accumulate over time due to strenuous work and exercise. Thus, rest days are essential for a goodwin, as it is said, ‘Consistency without injuries is the biggest win you can accomplish’. Rest days are the basic secrets to having a successful career in boxing.

Tips to have fun and prolific easy day

Here are some useful tips to make your easy day fun and productive.

Leave your boxing gear and necessities at home

This strategy works both for the gym-geeks and slack fighters. Lazy fighters are more inclined todo over-training, they would rest for long periods and will try to train and equip the strength in few days, in the end, they put their maximum effort in minimum days. It’s like going on a diet and avoiding food all day, but stuffing yourself at dinner. If you belong to this category of fighters then go to the gym unprepared. Leave your boxing accessories to avoid the temptation of a fight, such as;

  • Boxing gloves
  • Boxing or athletic shoes
  • Mouthpiece
  • Helmet
  • These necessities should not be brought to avoid any high-intensity training and workout. So, you will not be needing your boxing equipment for the training for the rest day.

    Warm-Up Your Body

    Go for slight stretching and keep moving around, let the blood flow throughout the body. Warming up causes increased blood flow and enhances cardiac function and prepares the body for a ‘flight or fight’ situation. Relax your mind by keeping all the thoughts out of your mind and focus on synchronized body movements.

    Perform Slacken Skills

    Try to focus on using your brain functions to plot and formulate new and innovative moves. Think of ways to improve the little tricks and strategies of the fight. Consult your coach in developing new fight combinations, new slipping techniques, better footwork strategies, and ways to magnify your defense. Discuss all these with your trainer and practice to see the applicability.

    Hitting Bags Fluently

    Practice and observe you're every movement, perform fluent and slow operations to observe the details and improve every trick. Keep your body moving, take in long breaths and slights bang the boxing bag.

    Perform Core Training But At A Slow Pace

    When you cannot stop yourself from doing a workout, go for some main workouts. But perform slowly and shortly, execute slow crunches and take deep breaths or go for slow push-ups. Take deep breaths. Avoid abrupt exercises and moves, you do not need to burn your sweat or take any pain.

    Breathe And Stretch

    Stretching is the best exercise for an easy day. Stretching loosens the muscles enhancing the range of motion of joints for abrupt movements. Muscles get tightens and may cause straining, stretching reduces the likelihood of muscle straining. Stretch every part of the body. Take deep breaths and look around for new stretch moves. Spend nearly 2-3 hours stretching your body. Every stretch should be held for 1-5 minutes at a time. Your body will smoothly stretch as time goes on.


    One of the off-training activities performed by the best boxers is juggling. It is one of the best drills which enhances eye concentration, brain attention, and hand-eye coordination.

    Relieve Psychological Stress

    Boxing is both a physical and psychological discipline. The nervous system bears a large amount of stress when you get tired and weary due to high-intensity workouts. Mental burnout causes distort your focus during a fight. Rest days are good for relieving your mental exhaustion and lets your brain muscles relax and think better.

    Easy Walking

    A rest day during your tough training routine does not mean staying in bed all day. Instead, to achieve your goals you must be vigilant of your body and mind on your rest days as well. Therefore, the best activity to spend your rest day is that you should go outside and breathe in the fresh air. Move around and go for a slight and easy walk.

    Observe Others

    Having hard-core training, you are busy with yourself and seldom finds time to look and observe around you. A good thing about the easy day is, letting your focus on others and learn from them. Rest all of your thoughts away and look for new things around you, observe the other trainers and fighters. Look into their best tricks and moves, to copy them afterward. Study their fighting tactics and learn from their mistakes. Observation is key to learning new things and improving your skills.