Horizontal Punches vs Vertical Punches

Boxing is a beautiful workout process, yet it is as lovely game too. It helps you maintain your strength and power and let you understand at what time you need to use it. It is totally a game of balancing on your speed and power.

When you are into Boxing the most exciting part is punching, we all have watched movies and matches where punches are the most exciting in a fight. I am sure in your case too punches will be the most exciting thing when you want to learn Boxing. Punching is an explosion of energy and muscle power, for a professional punch or a boxer you need to understand that raw ferocity of that power and need trained precision to complete a professional match or a fight.

We all know the basic boxing stance, but when you start practice of Boxing or punching, you need to work hard on your core strength and your body stance.

You can try throwing a boxing punch with your rear hand and keep your feet planted where they are, you need to use your upper body from your hip. Practice first to the right and then to the left. Keep repeating the same motion over and over again; you will understand how you should move your body when throwing a proper punch. For even more power, you can add your big leg muscles into the movement. Drive your rear leg into the ground before you start to move your body, then practice these two movements together. At first you will feel different but with practice it will come to you.

Basic Boxing Punches:

Basic boxing punches are very much assigned with numbers so that at the time of training you can refer and call out punches quickly without any confusion. It may vary a little and every trainer might e different. The following are the standard punch types:

  • Jab

  • Right Cross

  • Left Hook

  • Right Hook

  • Left Upper Cut

  • Right Upper Cut

DO you know what is the difference between Horizontal Punches vs Vertical Punches?

To make a punch you need to utilize all your physical, mental, and emotional potentials. You need to engage with your all capabilities. Most importantly to cover that power and speed professional techniques are always required.

Wondering about the above Punch types there are similarities yet differences. Some of them are Horizontal punch and some of them are Vertical Punch. The choice is yours to make because the techniques have their own advantages and it totally depends how you are using it. I must say you need to work on both a find out which suits you better. So here are some pros and cons to both punching techniques and I am sure it will help you in getting which one is faster and powerful.

Horizontal Punch:

These days, horizontal fist punch is famous among most of the gyms and boxing clubs.


While going for Punch it is the support of your elbow behind the fist that makes it more powerful.

  • Horizontal fist punch activates and gathers energy from back and chest.

  • It gains power from the rotation of elbow more than rotation of fist.

  • In Horizontal Punch the support to the wrist from elbow comes a little earlier.

  • Horizontal Punch lands with some degree of angle, there it lands better.

  • It’s been seen that the output power of a horizontal punch is better.

  • If you are using uppercuts, horizontal fits you well as you will be able to use your back muscle even more.

Prevent Injuries Better:

As already mentioned that the elbow comes sooner in a horizontal fist punch, which indicates it is good in preventing injuries with over all support.

  • It can land on first two knuckles or middle knuckle and it can also land on last three knuckles.

  • It has been seen that angle of the forearm is much more important than angle of the fist.

  • The wrist and the elbow behind the wrist straighten immediately and it provides more support to the punch.

  • As a reaction to the rotation of the fist and elbow the shoulders should and save boxer from injuries.

Better To Counter:

Horizontal fisted punches are proved more comfortable when it comes for arc around or over the punches. Over Hand right and high left hooks are easier if you use horizontal fist punch as it is because of angle of the elbow not angle of fist.

Vertical Punch:

Our arms are positioned for the best vertical fist punch naturally. So, it is easy to throw a vertical punch.


  • Vertical punch needs much less energy and techniques because it doesn’t take much to lift your fist and launch.

  • These punches are best for targets positioned lower than your shoulder.

  • Vertical punch is less powerful than horizontal.

  • Whipping out vertical punches and slapping your fist are the best tachniques to startle your opponent.

Penetrating the opponents:

Being defensive and being good in attacking is one thing however infiltrating your adversary's gaurd is a genuine assignment.

  • Vertical fist punches hurt less when obstructed as it offers the long fleshy side of the wrist to the jab from the rival.

  • It is a lot of helpful to bend around for hooking punches.

Speed or Power?

At long last, we have a few worries to remember:

  • Is this version ok for my punching hand?

  • Will this variant transmit the most force?

  • Will this form keeps me in balance and ready to strike, square and counter quicker?

By this conversation, you might have the option to make sense of that each style has its own focal points, consequently, it can't be said that you ought to go either for horizontal or for vertical fisted punch. It is smarter to learn the two sorts of punches and practice to set your objective and pick what kind of punch you should toss in like manner.

There is a fascinating video HERE that lets you perceive how to convey those final blows.

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