What Our Customer Say
  • My basic wrap

    A essential for any boxer. These boxing handwraps have been part of my training gear for a long long time. Good handwrap for a good price.

  • My basic wrap

    A essential for any boxer. These boxing handwraps have been part of my training gear for a long long time. Good handwrap for a good price.

  • Handy

    A Handy Water Bottle. I like it very much and looks cool.

  • A Much Better Roller

    This foam roller has improved a lot compared to the previous model. Its a great overall foam roller and a lot less soft. I have been using it for a few months and everything is ok so far.

  • Great for Training

    I have been using these gloves for my routine bag workouts and hitting punch pads for about 6 months now. So far so good.

  • Pretty Good

    They were my first pair of gloves, and I had them for my first few months of training! To be honest they're pretty good for what they're worth.

  • Perfect for my daily jumping

    I jump rope six days a week for 30 minutes, and this is my preferred rope. The size is easy to adjust, and they're incredibly easy to fold up and put away. Please note: I jump indoors on a mat. Once, while traveling, I was forced to jump outdoors on concrete, and the rope broke within a few minutes. This isn't a problem for me, as I very, very rarely have to jump outdoors, so I won't even deduct a star, but thought it was certainly worth noting.

  • Wife uses this for Ninja training

    Yup, she straps these on and does her kicks and punches. She says it works great...I have the bruises to prove it. The velcro is strong and does not come off when she is in full motion. She loves it.

  • Excellent product. I am a man and had an ...

    Excellent product. I am a man and had an injury that I needed to protect whilst practicing Brazilian Jujitsu. I'm 6 feet tall and wear large shirts and this fits perfect. My injury is healing nicely due to this padded chest guard.

  • Cute

    This key ring is so fun and cute. Bought one for my friend who enjoys boxing but wanted it for myself! My friend uses it on her boxing bag and it looks so cute!! Smaller than I thought though! Still adorable!

  • Fantastic mat for hot yoga

    I've been using this mat for hot yoga for a year and it looks brand new! It's not slippery, no towel needed, it's super easy to clean and very light to carry around. It's also eco friendly and non toxic. I can't believe how cheap it is. Highly recommend!!!

  • Really good

    I bought for my son he loves it

  • Great Hand Wraps (much better than wrapping)

    I got these mainly for working with the heavy bag, but also for the occasional sparring. I am new to boxing and wanted something easier to use than the wraps that you have to wrap yourself. These seemed like a great alternative. I got the medium and they fit perfectly! They go on nice and snug and the Velcro holds the wrist nice and tight. It also adds extra cushioning around my knuckles which is great! They are very high quality and seem to be holding up perfectly (I use them in the Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves 16oz). The Velcro at the bottom can be pulled tight to easily ensure that the wrist stays in the proper position, and as long as you Velcro them straight you do not have an issue with the Velcro rubbing your wrist/arm. If you do not do it straight you will feel the edge rub your skin, but if you make sure it is straight it is a perfect fit and offers great support for your wrist, knuckles and hand in general. I am very happy with these! They are a great alternative to wrapping your hands manually, they fit great and as long as they are put on properly (Velcro is nice and straight) you do not have any rubbing. I highly recommend these for the support and comfort and mainly the convenience of not having to wrap your hands! Highly recommend!! --Also, to note, these are hand wraps, not boxing gloves, they are just an alternative to the long hand wraps that you wrap around and through your hands. These are not gloves and are to be worn under the gloves.

  • Pleasantly suprised, wrapped the velcro strap closer to my hand.

    I have always used hand wraps that are actual wraps, not gloves. I just like to use a heavy bag to work out, I am not any kind of professional fighter/boxer/MMA. I do hit pretty hard, at least what I consider to be hard because I have trouble with the bag and stand moving too much (the stand rocks back and forth and moves across the floor-100 pound bag on a heavy metal frame). I decided to try these because I somehow lost my wraps. When I first put them on, I did not feel like they were going to work for me. They didn't seem supportive or stabilizing. I decided to wrap the Velcro band up a little higher than where it sits naturally, closer to my hand on the part of my wrist that actually bends. I did about 15 minutes on the bag, and have no trouble now the day after. I am pleasantly surprised and I like these because I can just pull the boxing glove off and have free movement of my hands during breaks. Wraps do not allow that movement to open water bottles, change music, etc as freely.

  • Awesome gel wraps for heavy bag workouts

    These are awesome! They do a great job protecting my knuckles. I workout everyday on the heavy bag and the traditional hand wraps were tearing up my knuckles and causing them to hurt. It could be how I was wrapping but more than likely because I used them everyday. One of the trainers at the gym suggested trying gel wraps instead and I'm sold! These don't come in small, but medium works just fine. Not a problem at all. This style of Everlast seems to be holding up a little better than the other Everlast gel wraps. I like them so much I went back and bought the green pair as well.

  • Five Stars

    Five Stars

  • class

    very happy with these, good quality old school boxing trunks in the vein of rocky marciano, muhammad ali, jake lamotta e.t.c. The shorts stop just above the kneecaps and the medium size is about a 32 waist.

  • Quality Boxing Shorts

    These Thai Boxing shorts look the business - really smart & comfortable to wear.

  • Very good product

    Very comfortable rashguard, the fabric is very resistant, the elastic at the belly keeps it in place. The material is pleasant and the size is suitable.

  • Great fun for the boys!

    My 6 year old wrestles and boxes with his dad and now he always says "wait, I have to get my battling gloves on!" and runs for this set, he just loves it! I got his dad a set and they thoroughly enjoy themselves! A great deal!

  • Love the new paddle mitts...as

    Love the new paddle mitts...as I'm 64 and the regluar mitt pads just wear out my shoulders....the new paddle mitts cause no shoulder pain.....and my fighters are glad to be do ig mitts again...yea....thank u....

  • Punching paddles

    First time using paddles to train, very surprised with these, lightweight tools. They are a pleasure to train the heavy punchers with. Quality construction.

  • oldie but goodie

    this little device is a powerful and actually works...it targets the inner and upper thigh and strengths the groin.

  • Very nice ball very nice quality superb balance and superb durability

    Very nice ball very nice quality superb balance and superb durability. No stickiness like most low quality excess gym balls have like cosmos which has a grease like texture Everlast doesn't has. Highly recommend.

  • Great oldschool weighted rope.

    These are the ropes of olden days when men were made of iron and ships were made of wood. Hah just kidding. These are seriously great oldschool ropes that boxers were notorious for using in their training. I love skipping with this rope because it's rugged leather and you can get plenty fast with it if you'd like and it takes far more endurance to skip with a weighted rope then it does with those delicate little carbon fiber plastic pieces of girly crap they sell nowadays. Note: Make sure you purchase the 9.5 ft rope if you're around 5'10 or taller. The 8 foot rope is super short and only works well for people who are like 5-5'6 feet tall.

  • Slimmer Belt Plus More

    This belt does more than slim I wear it everyday because of back pain. I apply my rub than put the belt on and it feels good and I am able to go through my daily routine with less discomfort. I don't know if it has anything to do with the magnets but as long as I get relief from the pain I don't care. I will be ordering another one.

  • good deal

    Looks very nice. Not bulky at all, but feels very comfortable. I really like the materials and the quality. Looks like it is very rugged and at the same time it looks elegant. For that price it is definitely a good deal.

  • Best Push Up bar out there.

    I have used a number of these bars and all but this one have been returned to the store I purchased them from or never purchased after trying them out in store. This one is unique. It is strong and stable even with wide angle push ups. These are sturdy enough to support my 6'5" 265 pound frame and stable enough to allow me to go as far out as I feel comfortable. They would probably support an even more extreme angle. Great Product and worth every penny.

  • Jump rope

    Excellent product. Great quality.

  • The best purchase I've made on neck developers

    I have to say that this device is a steal for the price its really comfortable and well most of the bad reviews on it are about it being too big but fortunatly I did not have that problem because of my long fuzzy hair I was set If you are looking for a neck developer the you have to purchase this baby I went to Dicks sporting goods, sports authority, and other local fitness shops and the same device was going for twice as much plus tax so I have to tell you get it while it lasts its an investment for yourself that you will not regret

  • They do what I bought them for..

    I bought these to help me with my front barbell squats as I can't hold a bar on my shoulders. The stitched loop is perfect for looping on the bar, and allows me to hold the bar in place without having to force my wrists back.

  • Love this medicine ball

    This is an all-around great purchase. I don't know why anyone would buy a hard medicine ball; it would be impossible to do push-ups with. This one has some squishiness but not so much that it's unevenly weighted and throws off your balance. It feels sturdy like it will last forever. I appreciate the textured surface so my sweaty hands don't slip, and I like that it is black so it will never look filthy. Also the Everlast logo makes me feel like a serious athlete, hahahaha.

  • Great product

    This is a great Ab roller especially for balancing. I am currently doing 120 reps a day 480 reps 4 days a week. Along with my high protein diet and packing in carbs like eating a bowl of pasta. I have noticed a drastic change. Requires motivation and it will take time to notice the effects. Advice: do not do to much when starting out. One will more the likely pull a back muscle. I did and was out of commission for two weeks. You need to allow your core to get used to the workout.

  • nice rope

    Buy with confidence. Love mine. Lots of hours on it. Very happy. Of course, I'm no Rocky Balboa but I like it.

  • very good

    works pretty well , I weigh around 200 lbs and it has worked for me , I used it for both pull ups and setups !

  • Happy with the quality overall

    Happy with the quality overall. I've had it for 3 or 4 months now, some of the air has leaked out a bit, but other than that I'm happy with it. It was pretty easy to inflate.

  • heavey for out door work out

    i use it for out door walks in cooler spring temps it works hold heat brings on a sweat seems durable my second sauna suit form ever last still have the first one but is is showing signs of breaking uo


    I have purchased these suits in the past; & yes they last a long time. And they really do work. The key is being consistant. You will lose water weight, and fat cells do shrink. Decided on this one, but I had gained a few more pounds since the last time. Got the wrong size!! It is way too large; now air gets trapped in the suit, which makes it kinda chilly when I begin to sweat. With the proper size suit, you can wear clothes under it, which absorbs the water perfectly. Or over it; like a hooded sweat shirt. With the extra clothing you can't feel the chill; and you are nice, and comfortable, while exercizing.

  • I use these with clients.

    I use these with clients. They are comfortable and light. I stopped holding mits because of the impact on my joints. So far these have really diminished the stress.

  • perfect training glove

    i bought these for my young teenage daughter, who is now into boxing. the only gloves i had were my actual boxing gloves....too heavy for her to just train in, and learn to hit the heavy bag. they do the job of comfortably protecting her knuckles and the wrist strap if fairly long to wrap around more than once for added wrist support which is a must to keep from injuring them. no complaints, the are open finger, so they don't get too hot and are lightweight. i recommend them to anybody wanted light training gloves, for heavy bag or sparring.

  • Why did I wait!?

    I absolutely love this bag. I have it hung in my garage and use it daily. I had been thinking for some time about buying one and now wish I had done it sooner. It is a great way to work out and release tension at the same time. This thing will work your core, arms, chest and back all at the same time. I didn't have any of the problems that others describe as far as the filler having settled or shifted during shipping. However, I did open the bag and ensure that it was in proper shape before hitting it. I recommend that you check yours too so as to prevent injury. You will not regret buying this bag. I also bought the hanger and the anchor and recommend them too.

  • Five Stars

    Excellent product. Great price. Solid construction. Really enjoying having this as a part of my home gym now.

  • ... takes a while to fill especially for an outofshaper like myself. Filled the base with tap water

    The air pump takes a while to fill especially for an outofshaper like myself. Filled the base with tap water. Purchased 6 months ago. No leaks from the base and no leaks from the bag after a twice a week stress reliever. Using simple MMA sparring gloves to protect hands and wrists. Be careful not to over fill the bag "before" inserting the base bar. I had to bust out the baby powder, even then I got lucky so follow the instructions lol that it comes with. Simple and effective if used and followed :o) Great product for a home gym And be careful if you fly punch it Newton's 3rd Law of motion seriously applies. I found this out the hard way too. Enjoy!!!

  • Good Cardio Bag

    Compact cardio punching bag perfect for in my small space. I can see what the other reviews meant about it not being able to take a good punch the spring gives the bag a pretty good kick back so its only really good for light punches and taps. I wouldn't recommend if you are a bigger guy because i don't think it would last and you'd probably need more weight on the base. But overall for me (5'4 Girl) its just what i needed to get a good workout in.

  • 5+

    Quality is top

  • good gloves

    Great gloves well made ,I certainly don't feel as much strain on my hands. only downside for me is the snap sound on impact (old boxing hands will know what I mean) is less than that u get with all leather/pu gloves. there's is an all leather/pu xlite glove available and I may purchase these in time.

  • Perfect for a pro, or in my case an amateur!

    First is the color. I chose pink so no one in my household would be tempted to use my gloves. And, I love pink! Second, the fit. Very comfortable to wear. Third, painless. No matter how hard I hit the bag, my hands/knuckles do not hurt. I started out using my bare hands on the bag and found out quickly that it hurt! I was casually using my daughter's karate bag and didn't want to invest in a set of gloves, however, after a few sessions, I knew my hands would appreciate the extra padding. I didn't know much about gloves so went with a brand name I recognized (Everlast) and have been very happy with my purchase. I also appreciate the large velcro tabs around the wrists. They're large enough to grab with the opposite glove (note, the thumb is connected so you are somewhat limited in grabbing the velcro piece) or to grab with your teeth (which feels like the legit boxer move anyways!). I've been very happy with these.

  • Guantillas

    Accurate for bag training, correct size, good quality, affordable price, and good reliability. Better to do it with mma's guanters than in the end you leave your knuckles.

  • Mesh is awesome

    I purchased these gloves in the 16oz “size” option which is what I wanted for training. The “size” is just the weight of the glove which is what you want for training specifically to help increase your speed during an actual competition or match. I took these through my Muay Thai class and the wrist support was phenomenal. I even forgot to remove my watch for these gloves (I don’t tape) and there was no discomfort with my strikes. I’m slower for now, but these condition you for just that. The breathability offered from the mesh absolutely makes a difference while wearing and taking them off. Also, they just look great. I highly recommend these

  • Really Good Gloves!

    If you are heavy handed and like to hit the bag, you can rest assure that these will protect your hands as long as you wrap your hands correctly. They are durable even though they are not leather and the price of these are on point for the quality you get in return.

  • ... bought these for my three year old and he loved them. I do martial arts and this was ...

    I bought these for my three year old and he loved them. I do martial arts and this was a great way to introduce him. These gloves are sturdy and comfortable for him to wear with plenty of room to grow. The elastic seems strong and should last a long time. I was so happy with these I bought 2 more pairs for my nephews, age 6 and 7, and they like them too.

  • As expected, Everlast is simply

    As expected, Everlast is simply the best!

  • Can't beat for the price, great training gloves

    Bought my original pair back in June 2013 and just partially replaced them with a different pair in May 2017. They have only been replaced as my go to training gloves by a pair of Venum gloves I received as a gift, the Venum ones are just more aesthetically pleasing to me..That being said, these Everlast ones are outstanding for the money! Over the four years I've owned my pair, I've put in countless hours hitting mitts, heavy bags, and even sparring. I'm no heavyweight, but certainly considered a power puncher for the 145lbs kickboxing division, and these have held up great. The padding to them is noticeably "broken in" but they still provide adequate protection even on the heavy bag. I've noticed plenty of teammates at my gym also using Everlast gloves, and haven't heard many complaints about them. Some people complain about anything that's not considered "top of the line" with a high price tag attached(brand elitism). I've also picked up several pairs recently as community gloves for some beginner kickboxing classes I've begun teaching on my own, because I know I'll get my money's worth. My personal pair still remain in my gym bag and get used, they're just not my main pair anymore, but not due to these gloves being anything but great for training at a great value.

  • Really Good Gloves!

    If you are heavy handed and like to hit the bag, you can rest assure that these will protect your hands as long as you wrap your hands correctly. They are durable even though they are not leather and the price of these are on point for the quality you get in return.

  • Would recommend

    Great gloves, I have used them for a week and they work very good and they are tight on your wrists. They also came 2 days earlier than expected!

  • Everlast equipment pro style gloves

    Nice gloves for the price but I ordered the 12 OZ size, and they look a bit big, asked my coach and he said they look fine for the size so nothing to add. Sintetic material construction.

  • Muay Thai gloves

    They are very compact, padding is a bit stiff at 1st but breaks in nicely. So far,one of my favorite pair of gloves and I've been in the striking sports since 96..

  • Good knuckle protection

    Really happy with my purchase, the padding protects your knuckles and at the same time dilivers a lot of damage

  • A good strong ball

    It is a good strong speedball, I paid £21 for it because of the vintage style. The best thing about this is the lace doesn't swing all over like the cheaper speedball, but it certainly does its job with a good quality swivel, Yes I can recommend it and had it a week and have had to put no more air in it yet, the last one I had I was pumping up everyday so certainly an improvement. I have now had this over 7 months using four times a week and still in good condition, I put air in it every 4 weeks so holds air well and apart from a little wear and tear will last nother 7 months +.

  • Great alternative to mounting a punch

    This is brilliant I would recommend. I have wrapped it in a plastic bag so I can use it outside I'm really pleased with this product. Easy to use, you need to buy a carabiner clip and I would get a big one if I were you

  • Perfect with some mods, wish I got the one w bearings though

    Better than the basic crappy one that came with my Everlast bag stand. Holes were exactly the same. However, I feel that it's pretty sloppy and noisy so I made a couple modifications that made it dead solid, smooth, and quiet. First I wrapped the pin with thin, roughly postage stamp size square of roofing aluminum like a bushing so the pin fits perfectly snug in the swivel. Tin foil wrapped around a few times might have the same effect. I also put just a small amount of dry bicycle chain lube in it. Second, I drilled a new hole for the cotter pin about an eighth of an inch closer to edge of the swivel knuckle to eliminate the left-to-right slop. Lastly, I wrapped the cotter pin with a little friction tape to eliminate the jingle sound it would make

  • Good Bag

    If you are considering getting this or the Everlast 70 Heavy bag that includes the gloves and hand wraps - Get this one instead! I started off with the Everlast Starter Kit but soon became unhappy with it. That bag has a mix of individual sandbags and shredded cloth. The sandbags in it will eventually sink to the bottom or sides which make it painful to use. Once the sandbags inside sink to the bottom the upper part of the bag becomes soft while the bottom turns into a brick. I believe this one is filled with shredded rags so it will not suffer from the same problem. Both bags are 70LB but the dimensions of this bag are larger than the starter kit. (shredded fabric being lighter than sand) Overall this is an upgrade. Better overall quality than the starter kit even though it doesn't include the extras.

  • Boxer in the making

    The bag itself is well made and firm. It isn't likely that the bad would get damaged if you take good care of it. Doesn't take up a lot of space and its perfect for anyone that doesn't have somewhere to support a hanging boxing bag.

  • Bag

    Works like a Charm Heavy duty and should be long lasting It will be used daily

  • great add on option for the price

    really helps control the swing of the bag when throwing consecutive punches! worth every penny and would recommend to anyone who has any type of hanging heavy bag!

  • Happy with this bag

    This is a great bag for my teenage daughter. It is hard as other reviews stated. It is supposed to be! It's a heavy bag. She uses wraps and gloves when doing her workouts and doesn't have any problems. Great size for punching and kicking.

  • Great

    Great speed bag rack it adjust up and down easy to assemble as well

  • Very good water punching bag.

    Very heavy duty bag. Comes with chain ( might be a little short for a patio cover hanging ) . The only thing the prevents it from getting a 5-star from me is it does come with a seam in the middle and it does stick out some. I duct taped the seam all the way around so it doesn't scratch my gloves. I wish the chains were 8 inches longer so I can have the middle down to my throat area . But, chains are cheap at Home Depot. It is very stiff right now but it should get softer as I put some rounds through it. It is not as soft as foam lined water punching bag . But, it's also built for outdoors and you can practice upper cuts on it b/c of it's shape.

  • Nice Solution for Kids Needing to Release Some Aggression!

    Purchased the Everest Boxing Fitness Kit for my son's 12th birthday. He has some anxiety and aggression issues, and this was the next best thing to a punching bag, which wouldn't fit in our apartment. He enjoys punching with them, as does his 7 year old sister. Not overly padded, the gloves fit the kids well. I have big hands and they do not fit me. The mits fit me well and I enjoy letting the kids punch with me.

  • Good practice Mitts

    Nothing really bad to say, i only wish these mitts had an adjustable strap for different hand sizes. I use these wo help my children practices and had to keep pushing the gloves down a few times. Other than that a good glove to practice with, and i also suggests wearing wrist bands. This will help with the fit and also protect against the impact of the punches.

  • Everlast Muai Thai Striking Pads

    So far, so good. Getting used much and holding up well.

  • must have

    I waited a while to write this review because I wanted to see how they held up after taking a few beatings. I must say I am impressed. I have used them over 20 times now and although they look a little worn they are not damaged and work great. They fit well and I use Clorox wipes to wipes them down to keep them from smelling. Definitely a great buy! and of course they are way cheaper here on amazon than in retail stores

  • Five Stars

    Really well made and comfortable to use.

  • Multi-functional - great use as wrist wraps!

    Disclaimer: I bought these and adapted them to be wrist wraps, not hand wraps. I bought these with the intention of using them as wrist wraps. My coach had recommended these and boy do they do the job. I'm an olympic weightlifter and I had been using wrist wraps and strengthwraps for a while, but was never happy with them. These did the trick perfectly. The material's great that it's soft enough and not too rough. After wrapping my wrist, I can still tighten or loosen it up as needed. And at the end of the day, it gets the job done and is a great wrist wraps.

  • A Great Buy

    Usually I am on the go and work a lot, with this Core Fit Bag I am able to do some great workouts that can target the whole body in a span of 20-30 minutes. Definitely prevents me from having to go to the gym everyday.

  • Buy the cheaper one it's the same thing.

    It's the same as the cheaper everlast mouthguards. I think it cost more because of the color.

  • Good fit

    Was gptten as a gift___ Was told ir was great

  • Very comfortable for Jiujitsu

    I use this for Jiujitsu and it works great! Is not that big so it allows you to breath easily when you are rolling... The molding process is simple and easy.

  • great

    very well made quality mouthpiece

  • Awesome

    I recently asked my kid what he thought of the merchandise. He is absolutely kiddy about it. Due to the fact it's the first mouthpiece he has felt comfortable with during training and tourney.

  • Iconic quality

    My daughter who is 16 has taken up boxing. She wanted Everlast products. I asked her why she wanted Everlast and her reply was they’re Iconic Quality. So there you have it, I grew up seeing this name and now my daughter loves it too. The website was easy, and the shipping was on time. All sites should be this great!

  • Love them! Soft, long and secure wraps for my hands!

    I wear these every weekend. The long wrap keeps my hands and wrists safe and secure inside my boxing gloves. I hand washed them before I wore them and threw them in the dryer. They came out perfectly and I have since washed them many times in the washing machine. (I am very glad I hand washed them originally as the red dye was very prominent int he sink water. I had to rinse them several times before the bleeding stopped). Others in my boxing class use different wraps and I feel like mine are superior. They are soft and stretchy but not allow for a very tight wrap. I have very delicate hands, fingers and wrists and these wrap them tightly and securely. I will purchase again if these wear out.

  • good wraps.

    u can never go wrong with Everlast handwraps. These are just what I needed. I recommend this to anyone who is training.

  • Very good

    Nice wraps. When you’re in a hurry or just doing some light bag work these do the trick. Not the same as true wraps but very good

  • Great gloves, good price

    Great gloves I like the weight on them and the option of taking the weights off.

  • A good product, but not a perfect substitute for traditional wraps.

    They are very comfortable, but are not a great substitute for traditional hand wraps. This is because normal handwraps don't rip from use the same way. In using these wraps for training instead of traditional wraps because of their gel, I found that after a few weeks they began to tear at the seams between the knuckles. They also ended up being a bit bigger than the size should have been. (I tried on a pair of the same size and color in a store and it fit far better than what I received from amazon) However, for the price, they're great. The wrist support is superb, and they go on quickly and easily compared to a 180in standard wrap. If you wear proper boxing gloves over them they should last and be great.

  • He said they are very comfy and give good hand protection

    Bought for my partner. He said they are very comfy and give good hand protection. He is particularly impressed with the quality of the leather and said he'll be sticking with Everlasting in the future.

  • Great price good gloves...

    These are really decent gloves. I like that they're leather and the black and red contrast is easy on the eye. One thing to notice is that it's quite a rigid glove so you need to wrap your hands properly especially around the knuckle area to avoid grazing the skin off. These gloves allow you to punch pretty hard as there is less cushion than other more technologically advanced gloves so less of a pillow feel and more like you're using bare hands. Another thing I've noticed is that they don't really feel like 16oz's the lack of padding makes them feel lighter than the 14oz ones my friend has that are heavily padded. This is a punchers glove with a old school look and feel. If you're not big on wearing wraps and really protecting your knuckles you could hurt yourself with these. The thumb position is quite clever allowing your punch technique to be as close to textbook as possible. These gloves allow me to really use and feel my punching power. I gave a punching bag pretty much everything I had with no injury. I grazed a knuckle because I wrapped my hands myself and didn't have any gauze or tissue underneath. Still at the time I didn't feel a thing. For the price for real leather gloves it's a must buy. Just be mindful of a good strong wrap technique and punch properly in these.

  • the gloves are great

    I just think they are a bit tight, so with the bandage they tighten a bit but it's fine like that!

  • Everstrike training gloves

    Bought these for my gf to hit the heavy bag we have at home. She has pretty small hands so the S/M fit perfectly and snug. She loves how they fit and the look.

  • Nice fit

    I love these gloves. They fit my small hands perfectly. I don’t know there’s an opening on the inner parts of gloves. Would have preferred full coverage, but long as hands & wrists are properly wrapped, I should get good use out of them.

  • 1910 Classic Fight Gloves

    Bought these for my grandson,just wish he didn't want such such an expensive pair.He wanted these gloves the most.He was happy to get them and the shipping was fast.Got them in time for Christmas.Thanks

  • Great for heavy bag

    Great for the heavy bag but probably not for heavy sparring. So far they have provided good cushioning and adequatly protected the hands. The material is strong and therefore you won't have to worry about it wearing out too quickly.

  • Good Gloves

    They fit my 15 year old well and he really likes them. Good value for money and son says he would recommend

  • Mesh is awesome

    I purchased these gloves in the 16oz “size” option which is what I wanted for training. The “size” is just the weight of the glove which is what you want for training specifically to help increase your speed during an actual competition or match. I took these through my Muay Thai class and the wrist support was phenomenal. I even forgot to remove my watch for these gloves (I don’t tape) and there was no discomfort with my strikes. I’m slower for now, but these condition you for just that. The breathability offered from the mesh absolutely makes a difference while wearing and taking them off. Also, they just look great. I highly recommend these

  • Great Glove

    I have been using this for quite some time and after a year they are still in great shape. I use them 1x weekly for my boxingbag fitness routine. So far so good!