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Our online store carries all types of MMA Gloves and Muay Thai Boxing Gloves, MMA heavy bag Glove for Boxing, MMA training and fighting. Explore a huge range of MMA gloves in different colours and sizes, find the type of Boxing, Muay Thai Boxing Gloves or MMA training gloves that fit your needs best. There’s simply no better place to shop for MMA gloves. MMA comes with many dangers that boxing doesn’t, such as being choked unconscious or being kicked in the head. Whether you're using them for training or sparring, our collection of top-quality MMA pads and gloves will make sure that your hands stay protected.


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  1. Everlast Universal MMA Training Glove
    As low as €56.95
  2. Everlast Mma Training Gloves
    As low as €35.95
  3. Everlast Shin And Instep Guard
    As low as €29.95
  4. Lonsdale Cruiser No Hip Protector - Synthetic Leather
    As low as €54.95
  5. Lonsdale Female Padded Chest Guard Black
    As low as €55.95
  6. Lonsdale Jab Cup Protector
    As low as €22.95
  7. Lonsdale Jab Open Face Headguard - Synthetic Leather
    As low as €42.96
  8. Lonsdale Jab Open Face Headguard - Synthetic Leather
    As low as €49.95

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MMA Fighting Gloves

If you want a delicate mix of material, then you are in the right place:

MMA Gloves are a delicate mix of materials to provide padding, durability, and flexibility, ultimately creating a perfect fitting Mixed Martial Arts Glove, suited for serious competition or training. MMA Gloves are a specialized piece of kit, specific to the sport. For this reason, these gloves should be accompanied by either a quality bag mitt or a boxing glove for training on bags and pads. Dedicated MMA gloves form part of the MMA fighter’s core uniform. As one of the most important items of MMA equipment you’ll ever own, it’s crucial to invest in a first-rate pair of MMA gloves, which will repay you tenfold over time. MMA Grappling gloves have a different padding silhouette and a more ergonomic fist shape for improved comfort and allow the user to dish out a wide array of punches.

So, you want be an MMA fighter?

The road to MMA fame and fortune isn’t always as glamorous as it sounds. There are millions of people just like you who want to fight on ESPN for the UFC. However, only a few hundred of those million make it to the big leagues. MMA is different from most sports, as in it’s still constantly growing. MMA is actually the fastest growing sport today, with more and more people heading to their local MMA gym to sign up for classes. The MMA lifestyle isn’t that much glamorous, many fighters must go through rigorous training and proper diet plan leading up to fights. Our gloves make great grappling gloves, allowing for the wearer to initiate grapples or intricate holds, making clinching and submission possible whilst still having hand protection.


MMA or Boxing – Which Style is More Effective?

MMA training will typically create a more well-rounded fighter because of the stand-up and ground training involved. When it comes to combat sports, there’s always going to be a debate on which martial art is better. I’m not going to try and convince you that MMA is better than Boxing, or vice versa. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is the practice of various martial arts (such as Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) that date back throughout history. Not all martial arts are created equally when it comes to cage fighting, with some being more effective than others when it comes to MMA. The weight of a pair of MMA gloves can vary, and each style of the fighter will have their own preference. Our collection of MMA pads and gloves, come in a variety of styles, including striking gloves.

Every fighter wants to enhance his performance

Our MMA gloves will prevent your hands from being injured during intense sparring sessions and fights. They will improve your chances of gripping onto opponents and completing challenging submission moves. You'll enjoy improved levels of fighting confidence as you realize the performance-enhancing benefits of these gloves. MMA gloves are used in MMA fighting across the globe they are fingerless to allow the competitors to grab hold and grapple with each other giving scope to clinch and use submissions. MMA Sparring gloves are used more in training and armature bouts they have more padding on the knuckles and usually weigh 7oz. You know that having the right gloves is critical to your performance and safety. It’s important for you as a fighter to have several pairs of specialized MMA gloves, one for each of the key training areas. You should match your gloves to your training activities as best as you can.