Typical Workout Routine In A Boxing Class

Boxing is a great combat sport and also the best way to exercise. Boxing imparts effective strength to all body parts and systems. It enhances cardiac activity strengthens the cardiovascular system, enhances muscular activity, works on your shoulders, limbs, and body core. So, the old concept of boxing is only regarded as a combat sport fades away and now boxing has made a rebirth in the fitness industry. Due to the increasing popularity of boxing over time, many boxing gyms and training areas have been established. The choice is yours to join a gym that best suits your personality and fulfills your requirements.

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Expectations From A Boxing Workout

Once you have decided to embark on the challenging journey of boxing, you enroll yourself in a boxing gym and schedule your first training session. There would be limits you need to push yourself through and break many hurdles that would come by your path. You might afraid or anxious for your first class, but remember this feeling would fade as soon as you step into the gym.


It is important to be punctual for every single class but you need to reach the gym 15 to 30 minutes early for your first training class. The first thing at the boxing gym is some paperwork that carries rules and regulations, tenure for the whole session, etc. Read it thoroughly and sign the paper. Then you will get an introduction from your mentor or teacher. Your instructor would accompany you for a quick tour of the gym to get you comfortable around. You would be shown the lockers and the bathrooms. Water filling station and the boxing tools. You would get to know the basic requirements of a boxer like wrapping your hands for protection before the class starts.

Boxing Workout

The duration of a boxing class is 1 hour this whole period is divided into three rounds that target high-intensity cardio warm-up, boxing along with bodyweight workouts in breaks, and core exercises. All these three sections of the workout are challenging and put you in an immense amount of effort to go through these. Boxing workouts can burn from 500 to 1000 calories per hour. The boxing round involves training with a punching bag or shadowboxing.

Types of Boxing Exercises

The understanding of the type of exercises and workout in boxing is important. The important sort of exercises is discussed.

• Running

Running on a daily basis is essential for every boxer. It is in fact is the fundamental element in most boxing workouts. Running on a daily basis provides mental strength apart from physical strength. Completing the set target for your daily run is necessary, you must force yourself to complete the task. Running also enhances your stamina and endurance capacity. Your body needs to be physically conditioned to be able to cope with mental strength and hardness. A daily routine of miles of the run would help you condition your limbs, lungs, and overall boy activities. It enhances your capability to oxygenate your muscles in times of excessive activity.

• Skipping Rope

It is a classical boxing workout, that every boxer does most of the time throughout their boxing training session. Jump rope improves your footwork agility and teaches you to stay on your balanced stance. It makes you launch quick movements on your toes.

• Shadowboxing

Shadowboxing prepares your muscles for intense physical activity. To develop your full potential you need to learn to do shadowboxing in the right manner so you can adopt good habits from it. Always launch a punch with your full capacity.

Right Ways Of Shadowboxing

The best punch would be quick, sharp, and hard- not a lazy and disordered punch. Foot movement is important, if you aren’t using your best footwork while shadowboxing you are inculcating bad habits into your skillset. You need to make sure you are moving your head and your feet. Throw combos and keep your focus on head and feet movement. Test yourself after every round of shadowboxing, if that was the most destructive punch that you can launch. If your answer is negative, then again launch punches but this time faster and tougher.

Advantages Of Shadowboxing

Shadowboxing provides many benefits it enhances your action reflexes. It coordinates your punches with the whole-body movement and teaches you to stay on your solid stance while making an attack.

• Heavy Bag Training

Heavy bag presents you to exercise a large number of drills making your workouts more methodological and rigorous. Technical training on the heavy bag also inspires you to train tough and for a longer duration, helping you to master the art of boxing. Training on a heavy bag works out your endurance, speed, agility, coordination, and strength. This is the training to fully test your capabilities and unleash the power you contain by hitting the bag as hard as you can. It is an ideal exercise for full-body conditioning and gaining enhanced punching power. You can utilize a heavy bag to practice your attack combos, work out your speed, strength, and all types of punches.

• Strength Training

Every aspect of the boxing sport relies on strength. Every boxing training session has a strength training workout. Strength training exercises involve resistance-based workouts that provide some sort of resistance. It includes lifting weights or dumbbells, crunches, squats, and pushups. All of these exercises positively affect muscles, joints, and bones making them stronger.

Outline Of A Typical Boxing Workout

It is the summary of all the events that are a part of your boxing training the need for all these activities depends upon your conditioning so they are adjustable according to your requirements.

  1. Warming up
  2. Jump rope for 15 minutes, 15 squats, 15 pushups, 30 crunches

  3. Shadowboxing
  4. 3-minute round: Simple jab, cross, and hook punches. Rest for 30 seconds. Repeat the round 5 times.

  5. Heavy bag workout
  6. 3-minute round, Rest for 30 seconds, repeat it 5 times

  7. Conditioning:
  8. 10 pushups, 10 jump squats, 1-minute plank, Rest for 30 seconds, Repeat the round 5 times.

  9. Cooldown
  10. Stretch your body for 5 minutes three times with one-minute intervals.

Keynote: Boxing affects every organ system in your body from enhancing your cardiovascular activity to strengthening your muscles.

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