How do Boxing Gloves Work?

What do the gloves actually achieve?

Along with other martial arts, boxing has its limits considerably in its movements. In this sport, only fists are used, that is to say, there is a high intensity of blows to the head and body. Before the appearance of the modern rule, boxing represented a great danger. During bare-knuckle fights, the risk of cuts was higher and bone fracture seemed inevitable. Bad tactics were in full swing, and the thumb often got to stuff themselves accidentally or intentionally.

Faced with all these problems, boxing gloves bring the solution. They fit around the hand, taking a natural form of fist, the back of the hand, fingers and thumb have a protective layer. Thanks to the padding, the intensity of the impacts on the hands and on the opponent decreases and greatly favors the safety of the sport.

It seems that the padding of the gloves helps to reduce the punches to the head, yet it is not so simple. Imagine, on the one hand, your sense of security when you hit a wall without your hands being protected? And on the other hand, how would you hit him knowing that you have excellent hand protection? Is it harder, is not it? It's the same for boxing. The protection provided by boxing gloves facilitates the force of strikes, in other words, the risk of concussion and brain damage increases. By neglecting protection, many renowned boxers are currently suffering from serious mental illness and ongoing brain damage. As a result, we are aware of the importance of protection and training with safety and protection.

It is recommended to use thicker and padded gloves during training and combat for protection, even if in competition smaller boxing gloves are used. Note also that the headgear is recommended during training because it provides protection of the head during a fight (Even if studies question this opinion).