Benefits of Jump Rope Exercise

The Best way cover up all your missing days over gym or workout. You have a simple exception with only one simple workout tool.

Speed Rope, Yes you heard it right. This exercise burn more calories per minute than any other cardio exercise, and this is the best calorie burner. It helps you improve your speed, coordination, balance and stamina.

You might have seen that athletes, boxers warming using a jumping rope. So, if you haven’t tried it before you should start it right away. Slowly start your warm up with jumping rope, Beginners can start with 1 or 2 set of 2-3 minutes and then increase the sets or duration accordingly.

There are basic jump rope moves which makes workout more fun. And I must say that is what we all want. A fun exercise lightens up the entire mood. Jump rope moves starts with:

Basic Hop: This is the old fashioned or the basic one hop where your both feet jump over the rope ate the same time.

Opposite arm: You need to extent your leg up and cross the rope while you are jumping. Does it sound fun?

Single Foot Jump: As the name says, you jump all over while standing on one foot.

Front and Side Straddles: This is done by splitting your feet in the air and then you land them wide apart or foot in front of the other.

Running in place: This can be a little tricky. Spin the rope a little faster until you are running in place while the rope passes under you.

Everlast has best Jump rope for beginners you can look out for. Once you choose your Speed Rope and get started with jumping, we recommend starting slowly as you might feel changes in your muscles and your legs might start paining.

If we talk about the Jump Rope benefits, I hardly find any disadvantages in one sentence.

  • Daily jump rope help you to burn your calories.

  • Include Short sets to activate your full body muscle.

  • It helps in develop your muscle overtime.

  • It tones muscle in Upper and Lower Body.

  • Helps a lot in Weight Loss.

  • Jump rope for 30 minutes can burn upto 300 calories.

  • Improves Heart rate.

  • It helps in circulate blood and oxygen between heart and other organ of body.

  • It improves your stamina.

  • Helps in increasing bone density.

  • It works magic for your skin.

Note: (People having knee problems should not consider it without any consultation.)

So let’s talk about the Top Benefits of Jump rope Exercise. Following are the 4 best reasons that everyone should jump rope every day in their life.


Jumping Rope or Speed rope is one of the best cardio workouts which involve high energy. It increases stamina of a player or a boxer. It helps in physical development or also helps in building mental toughness.


Jump rope workouts for beginners are very basic but as you keep practicing with in few days you will find your jump rope workout results. Speed rope for beginners start with jumping and increase your over all speed. This is because of the strong change In your leg’s muscle.


Speed rope has a lot of benefits but as a boxer it also helps you in great footwork. For this you should copy the boxer skipping which is just like how a boxer moves in the ring. It helps you understand how to put pressure on one feet at a time and then other.


Coordination if needed in every move of a boxer or a player. And jumping with a rope helps you in maintaining that between your arms and feet. Because if you miss that coordination, you will fall.

Now that you are aware of benefits of jumping rope, have a look at few steps that can be beneficial for boxers.

Choosing the Jump Rope:

If you see there are various option about the jump rope, but you need to keep in mind what kind of rope you are looking forward. Every rope is designed for specific purpose. If u are a beginner we recommend you to chose a lighter rope. It will help you in maintain your balance for more time and helps you in gain the speed.

Set the Right Length of Your Jump Rope:

You can find jump ropes between eight to ten feet long. You need to check at what lengths do you want for yourself. There are adjustable ropes in market which will help every member of your family too.

To check the exact suitable length according to your height, step both feet at the middle of the rope and the handles of the rope should reach up to the approximate height of your armpits.

If you find a wrong size rope, it will not let you workout properly and also makes jumping difficult.

Take Care of your Jump Rope:

When you find your size rope, you need to take care of it like your any other Boxing Equipment . Never Ever leave your jumping rope wadded or spiraled. It will form clinks and will be very difficult to straighten. Or It may also result in foot injuries. Always try to hang your jumping rope on a hook.

Some tips to remember when you are working out and learning different jump rope moves.

  • Always jump on the balls of your feet

  • Always stay relaxed

  • Try only using your wrist when swinging the rope

  • Always find your rhythm

  • Last but not the least, Practice !

It is always a good idea to mix all the different jumps moves to make it more fun. Once you are looking for Boxing For Fitness you will find more advance moves as double or triple unders, criss cross, heel jumps, backwards and a bunch of others. Once you start training in jump rope, you’ll see a lot of improvement in other areas of boxing also.

There is a fascinating video HERE that lets you perceive how to convey those final blows.

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